A recent article in an inflight magazine caught our attention. The article was headlined something along the lines of ‘what type of grocery shopper are you?’

This got us thinking about the behaviours we observe and sometimes participate in ourselves when we shop for groceries. A quick inspiration scour of the internet yielded enough ideas for us to come up with 28 different grocery store behaviours that you will probably recognise.

Here are a few examples:

  • The shopping agent – I am sometimes on the phone to the person who sent me to the shop to check with them I am buying the right things
  • Indecisive examiner – Sorry, but I count calories, examine the contents chemistry and try to find out as much as possible about the products I buy
  • Loyalty programme ninja – I know all the rules of my rewards programmes, sometimes better than the till staff themselves
  • Shopping lister – I literally can’t shop without a detailed list
  • Confused parker – I often forget where I parked or where to pay for parking
  • Nosy parker – I often look to see what other shoppers have in their trolleys
  • Slob – OK, I admit it. Sometimes I do put stuff that I changed my mind about in the store on the nearest shelf, rather than put it back where it belongs

We are about to go to field with the fifth round of Brand Atlas (BA5) and will ask 2 000 000 economically active South African consumers to perform this task: “Just for fun we want you to fess-up to the things you do in the supermarket when you shop for groceries. Choose as many as apply to you.”

If you want to see the full shopper-type set, all you have to do is take the survey yourself. And if you do take the survey, we will send you the findings of the consumer survey, free, gratis and for nothing.


If you don’t know what Brand Atlas is, or haven’t tried it, visit our website (www.alltold.co.za) or call Megan 072 060 5241