Brand Atlas is a tool for marketers designed to give them the ability to describe specific customer segments in a very high level of detail.

Whilst marketers spend a lot of time, money and energy on conceptualising a segmentation model for their markets, not enough time gets spent on gathering intelligence and developing a deep understanding about the segments that they have defined.

The chances of satisfying the needs of a specific target market segment are greatly enhanced if the product and service offerings to that segment are based on a thorough understanding of their attitudes and behaviours. It’s really helpful, if not essential, to know as much detail as possible about:

  • their demographic and psychographic profiles
  • their attitudes and philosophies about life
  • their geographic locations
  • where they shop for a variety of different product categories (from groceries to electronics)
  • what they look for from retailers
  • the consumable brands they buy
  • their involvement with loyalty programs
  • how they invest and look after their money
  • the sources they go to for information about the topics that interest them (media)
  • how they use the Internet (what they do, the portals they use, the devices they use)
  • the vehicles they drive and how they look after them

Brand Atlas is a large sample (n = 40000+) survey conducted amongst economically active South Africans – those who account for 80% of household income and expenditure.

If you work in in product management, advertising, media planning or marketing research you should take the time to have a look at the scope of Brand Atlas Data and find out how you can access it on your laptop.