It is no secret that we love loyalty programmes. In fact 93% of economically active South Africans* belong to one or more of them and on average each one belongs to 5.2. The great recession of 2008 taught us all to find ways to get the most out of our hard-earned bucks. [*Those living in households with a monthly income of more than R7 600]

From Brand Atlas 2018 data we can prove that in most retail categories, customer programmes correlate with both ‘most often usage’ and ‘enhanced brand perceptions’. It is safe to say that they work, but some programmes do a better job than others do.

Brand Atlas 2018 also shows us which loyalty programmes are the most favoured by their members. Whilst the absolute number of programme members is important, perhaps a more important metric is the proportion of a programme’s members who claim the programme to be their favourite.

Consider the table below, which shows the percentage of economically active consumers who belong to a programme compared to the percentage of their members who claim the programme is their favourite. For example, 34% belong to Woolworths WRewards but only 8% of them say that WRewards is their favourite. Here are the top 10 programmes ranked on the number of members:


Programme % who belong % of whom claim favourite
PnP Smart Shopper 58% 22%
Clicks ClubCard 57% 24%
Edgars Thank-U 54% 19%
Woolworths WRewards 34% 8%
Dischem Loyalty Benefit Card 30% 6%
eBucks 28% 34%
Spur Family Card 23% 3%
TFG Rewards 22% 3%
Jet Thank-U 17% 7%
Discovery Vitality 16% 23%


From this, we can conclude that, by a large margin eBucks is the loyalty programme most favoured by its members.  Penetration is only low because the programme is only available to FNB clients. In Brand Atlas 2018 data, we can also see that FNB is the most loved bank amongst its clients. How big a role does eBucks play in boosting client affinity with their brand? We don’t know the exact answer to that question but we can safely assume that eBucks plays an important role.

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