Brand Atlas data has started to come in and we have started sifting through if for interesting snippets.

Only 56% of economically active consumers (those living in household s with a monthly income of more than R10000) occasionally or regularly read printed newspapers, and of those who do, 52% claim that they are reading them less often now than they did “a few years ago”. So readership continues to decline.

This chart shows where South Africans are going to get news – and it’s not newspapers!

So to summarise – nearly half don’t read newspapers at all any more, their numbers are dwindling, and more people read newspapers than use them as a source of news. The entertainment and commentary components of newspapers, rather than hard news, is what’s keeping them alive.

Now have a look at millennials:

Here’s where millennials are going to get news – and again it’s definitely not printed newspapers!

Only 32% of them occasionally or regularly read printed newspapers, and of those, 50% are reading them less often, and just over half (53%) are reading them for news.

Nearly twice as many of them read the online editions of newspapers than read the printed editions. Millennials are strongly connected to the internet for their news, and just look at how important sharing news on social media is for them.

Try to imagine what this picture will look like for generation Z (the generation after the millennials).  Not a pretty picture for printed newspapers!