If you look at how consumers rate their levels of satisfaction with a cross-section of the different products and services they use, you will see that the cellphone network operators are at the bottom of the satisfaction pile. Even the banks are more loved.

If you regard a low level of satisfaction with a product category as an indicator of how well the category is perceived to be satisfying customers’ needs, then the cellphone network operators look ripe for a disruption.

Quite simply, consumers think they charge too much as witnessed by the enormous profits that they make notwithstanding the vast amounts of money they spend on marketing.

Telkom Mobile (8ta) is the only network operator brand that is bucking this weak satisfaction trend. Compared to the other network operators they are perceived to be making a real effort to make wireless communication affordable to everyone. They are offering generous data bundles, free SMS, free instant messaging service (e.g. WhatsApp) calls, free Wi-Fi hotspots and free Telkom to Telkom calls to their subscribers.