White South African dinner party conversation inevitably gets around to the topic of how hard it is for white kids to get jobs after they have completed their education because BBBEE forces employers to favour black kids.

Interestingly enough, this view is not shared by the kids themselves.

In our recently completed SA Youth 2018 Study we see that (only) 20% of all 16 to 24 year old South Africans think that it was / will be very difficult to find employment. However, for black youth the score is 28% versus only 15% for white youth.

Notwithstanding BBBEE laws, black youth are nearly twice as likely as white youth to worry about the difficulty of finding employment.

This might have something to do with the fact that 58% of black youth have / or had a student loan versus only 38% of white youth. So for black youth the pressure to get employment is far more pressing giving their need to repay their study loans.

Next time the topic of conversation comes up, or next time your kids tells you that they won’t be able to get jobs after college or university because of the BBBEE loaded dice, tell them stop complaining, put away their wishbones, engage their backbones and go and get work!

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