From BrandMAPP (a very large sample survey of 27 000 economically active respondents) we see that 28% no longer buy and read printed magazines, (for 16 to 24 year olds it’s 38%) and 39% say they are buying them less often that they were a year ago.

From the same survey we see that 34% of respondents read magazines online, so there is little doubt that the internet is killing magazines and apps like Flipboard (if you haven’t already tried it, you should) are rapidly hastening the demise of printed magazines.

To make matters worse, in our frugality report (n = 11828 economically active respondents) we see that a 48% of respondents who still buy and read printed magazines see sense in the idea of buying fewer magazines in order to save money.

Unless magazine publishers make a serious effort to draw readers to their content on their websites, it’s a very bleak future indeed for the magazine industry.