The 2015 world was pre-Trump, pre-immigration crisis, pre-Brexit and most South Africans were still largely ignorant of the colossal damage to the SA economy and its reputation, being carried out by a corrupt government.

Things were very different then. If today’s presumptions and strategic decisions were being based on knowledge about what was going on in 2015, there would be many wrong decisions made all the time.

In the same way basing 2019 marketing decisions on consumer data published in 2015 (and harvested who knows when) is probably risky to say the least. Since 2015, traditional media have taken a beating – smart phones and the internet have penetrated much further down the socio-economic spectrum – online shopping has become a real thing – big data has taken off in a big way – consumers are far worse off financially (and in just about every other way from health to education to general infrastructure). To complicate things further, Gen Z has started to emerge.

Using 2015 South African consumer data is exactly what some marketers are doing right now. No amount of weighting 2015 data to ‘make it’ data suitable for 2019 can factor in all the changes to consumer ways. For how long can ‘marketers’ like these hold out and continue believing in 2015 data and still make sound decisions?

For a host of reasons, it is very important for marketers to be able to profile accurately, the consumers they target with their brands. For decades AMPS was a great free tool for doing this job really well. The problem now, is there is no new AMPS data on the horizon anytime soon. So, what to do – carry on kidding yourself, or find an alternative data set?

There is already a well-established, alternative data set available.

Brand Atlas already has a good record, covers a larger scope than AMPS, has tracked data (over four phases) for both 2017 and 2018, is available immediately on subscription, is already used by many large advertising and media agencies as well as corporate marketing departments and is hosted by all of the major marketing data platforms in the country. The sample size is 28 000 per year.

Find out more about Brand Atlas on our website, or if you would like a demo of the Brand Atlas data, contact Megan on 072 060 5241 /